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In the black plate

it sells all kinds of steel materials for more than 10 billion tons annually, ranking the first in the sales list of Chinese construction steel materials; it deeply cultivated in the black industry for 30 years, completing the whole industrial chain layout from mine, smelting to the terminal; it established more than 40 branch offices all over the country, and achieved full coverage in the northwest and southwest region.

Non-ferrous plate


is one of the biggest non-ferrous mineral powder importer in China; it deeply participated in international division of labor, and has economic and trade contacts with Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other countries; it laid industrial platform in circum-Bohai-Sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, with an annual trade volume of more than 2 million tons. 

Ganggu E-commerce

is the data brain of creating industrial authority, integrating missions, products and services in one, understands law of the data thoroughly, combs trends and veins, increase operation efficiency, reduces operation cost, and optimizes industrial upgrading.


Commodity Research Institute

 mainly studies and judges the market situation, controls the operation risk, digs the data dividend, innovates the operation mode, cultivates high-end talents, and integrates the industry resources.


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