Announcement on Recruitment of Ventilator Equipment Procurement Suppliers




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  1. Tender Conditions
This bidding project is a bidding project of Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd. 'North Wing Air Shaft Construction Ground Auxiliary Facilities'. The fund is self-raised. The project has already met the bidding conditions. Now the project is subject to public bidding.
  2. Project Overview and Scope
1. Project address: near the wellhead of No.2 return air shaft in the north wing of Cuimu Coal Mine, Linyou County, Baoji City, with an altitude of 1195m.
2. Bidding Unit: Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd.
3. Application of equipment: It is used for mechanical extraction ventilation of No.2 return air shaft of Cui Mu Coal Mine. The ventilator model is FBCDZ-8-No31 × 710kW/2 × 710kW, and the pumped gas is the exhaust air in the coal mine.
4. Scope of supply: The ventilator adopts a continuous working system, equipped with 2 sets/set, and has the function of unattended system without wind and reverse machine. It works 365d a year and 24h a day.
  3. shortlisted supplier qualification requirements
1. Business license: it has the qualification of an independent legal person and holds a valid business license. The business scope of the bidder's business license shall cover the subject matter of this tender. The registered capital shall not be less than 50 million yuan.
2. Performance Requirements: Manufacturers shall provide not less than 3 similar contracts in the past three years, of which the amount of a single contract shall not be less than 10 million yuan.
3. Credit ability: There is no record of dishonesty. If there is any bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons that are not your own. If you cannot clarify, you will be disqualified from bidding.
4, qualification requirements: coal safety recognition, certification quality certification system ISO9001, other certificates.
5. Brand requirements: domestic first-line brands.
  Pre -4. Information Requirements
1, perfect and detailed enterprise introduction: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. is not limited to the required information.
2. Unit certificate: business license, account opening license and qualification certificate; Please provide other certificates (such as quality certification, credit certificate, etc.).
3. Performance certificate: signed contract total price page and signature page or bid-winning notice.
Please send the above 3 items of pre-trial information to the recipient's mailbox in scanned form.
  5. supplier registration deadline and document acquisition
1. Recruitment announcement: April 2, 2021 to April 9, 2021, 16:00.
2. Relevant information such as qualifications submitted by bidders participating for the first time can only participate in technical exchanges and later bidding after being approved.
3. The bidding documents are limited to offline purchase, and the purchase time and bidding time shall be determined after technical exchange.
  SixRecipient Information
Contact: Xu Jungang
Tel: 18209179288 09173453808