Dongling Group Business Travel Platform Cooperation Recruitment Announcement




Dongling Group Business Travel Platform CooperationRecruitmentAnnouncement

One.Project Introduction

Dongling Group in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, is a private group of enterprises, its subsidiaries all over the country.More than 40 branches, more than 10,000 employees, and annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan, belong to China's top 500 enterprises. Due to business expansion, the amount of transportation, residence and conference expenses directly generated each year is relatively large. In order to make the group staff travel ticket purchase, accommodation and other convenient and fast, to achieve the purpose of unified management, so the group to the market recruitment service platform.

Purpose of 2. recruitment:

1, for the group within the scope of business travel, business travelProvider ReservationPurchase of tickets, accommodation, catering, etc.Services, and through online or offline payment.;Give full play to the advantages of the Internet and break the asymmetry of information.,Decreased efficiencyOut-of-office businessThe cost of industrial information exchange, and improve the efficiency of industrial information exchange,.OutUsers provide accurate,Convenient,Personalized service.

2. Reduce costs and assist the group to go out for meetings at all levels: time arrangement, car tickets, catering, etc. are more portable and cost-effective, and more reasonable and scientific resources are allocated.

3. Diversification of payment methods, continuity of service cycle, more transparent and standardized management of conference costs with the help of the sales platform, and the discount range can be increased step by step or staggered.

Three,shortlistedPlatformEligibility Requirements:

1,Each platformHaving the status of an independent legal person and holding a valid business license,There areMatureofPerformance.

2Credit ability: no record of breach of trust,If there is a bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons not your own, if you cannot clarify, the bid will be canceled.shortlistedQualifications.

3. Each platform unit's own business ability reaches the sales ability of gold medal, silver medal and listing.

4.Tender announcement release time:  2021  Year  4 Month 6 Day Deadline  2021  Year 4  Month 7Day16:00.

1,Participating bidders can contact the tenderee to submit and review the qualification information, and only after passing the review can they participate in the bidding.

2. Bidding scheme:Files are limited to linesSubmission, the bidder is requested 2021  Year 4  Month 10 Day  8  When it's time  2021  Year  4  Month  12 Day  18:00    When"Dongling Bidding Office Contact"Submit cooperation program.

32. Recipient Information:Contact:Qiao Zhen  Mobile:13892488166;