Signs production and installation engineering suppliers shortlisted recruitment announcement




Production, supply and installation of signs and signsEngineering

Supplier shortlistedRecruitment Announcement


Wuxi Real Estate CompanyProduction, supply and installation of signs and signsThe project bidding has entered the preparation stage as planned. The main contents of the project bidding and the requirements of the suppliers are announced as follows:

1.Project Overview

1. Project address:Dongling Xishan, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

2. Investors: Dongling Group Co., Ltd.

3. Name of Bidding Company: Wuxi Yaohui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

4. Bidding contents: A and BProfessional subcontracting works for fabrication, supply and installation of tower identification signs

5. Project overview: the construction area is about 180000㎡, including two buildings248 m tower (63 floors), 6 commercial podium and 3 basement floors.

6. Planned bid issuing time: end of April 2021

II,Supplier Qualification Requirements:

 11. Business license: with independent legal person qualification and valid business license, the business scope of the bidder's business license shall cover this tender; the registered capital shall not be less 100Ten thousand yuan.

 2Performance requirements: need to provide nearly three yearsNo less than 3 contracts for similar projects above 1 million yuan.

 32. Credit ability: there is no record of dishonesty at present; If there is any bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons not your own. If you cannot clarify, you will be disqualified from bidding.

4. Business scope: covering the production, supply and installation of signs and signs.

5. Qualification level: none.

Three,Pre-trial informationRequirements:

 1Complete and detailed introduction of the enterprise: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. are not limited to the required information.

 2Certificate of Company:

 1)Qualification Document

2) BusinessLicenses

 3)Account opening permit;

4) Safety production license

5) Quality, health and environmentCertificate

6) Manufacturer's Authorization Certificate

7) Others, suchCredit certificate, product certification, financial statements for the last two years.

Above1 to 7 Each small item must be scanned separately on one page, and the data of all items cannot be scanned together.

3. Performance certificate: (nearly three years1 million the above performance 3): 

The signed contract total price page (to reflect the project name) and the signature page or the letter of acceptance, all performance contracts must be scanned to one page than paper.

 4, Dongling Group Real Estate Company Prequalification Form (EXCEL version and PDF stamp scan), the performance name in the table must be consistent with the reported contract performance.

Please send the above pre-trial information4The scanned form is sent to the recipient's mailbox at the same time.

4.After passing this pre-qualification,to receive the tender documents,Participate in bidding,PleaseEach supplierknow in advance.

Deadline for 5. registration: 2021Year4Month15Day8 When.

6. Recipient Information:

Contact: Yin Hao  Contact:18916725970            Li Lulu    Contact:13991712129

   Data simultaneously;; What is the;

The 7. supplier shall send the information, contact person and contact information that initially meet the above qualification conditions to the mailbox, and at the same time inform the receiver by telephone, and the relevant follow-up information shall be completed by the bidding organization in time.


                               Tender Management Office of Dongling Group      

April 10, 2021