Waste precious metal treatment



Waste precious metal treatmentAnnouncement


Our company has a batch of waste precious metals to be disposed of, and now invites interested buyers to participate in the bidding.

1. scrap precious metals:

      B type galvanic wire positive electrode 70% platinum 30% rhodium, negative electrode 94% platinum 6% rhodium

              Total weight:384g (subject to actual weighing)

Storage address of 2. items: Changqing Industrial Park, Fengxiang District, Baoji City

3. contact: Ju Jiliang  13892478633    

4. quotation deadline:April 17, 2021 at 12 o'clock

5. offer form: disposal of used precious metals, sold by bidding, the participants of the offer in writing, after the deadline will not accept any offer.




Tender Management Office of Dongling Group

April 13, 2021