Announcement on Recruitment of Air Shaft Mixing and Operation Construction Unit




Announcement on Recruitment of Air Shaft Mixing and Operation Construction Unit


One. Tender Conditions

This bidding projectForShaanxiYonglong EnergyDevelopmentConstructionCo., Ltd. Air Shaft Mixing, Stranding and Operation ConstructionTenderProject,Self-raised funds, the project already has a tender clause. piece, is now on the projectconduct public bidding.

IIProject Overviewand scope

1,ProjectAddress: Baoji CityLinyou county cuimu coal mine into the wind vertical shaft.

2. Tendering Unit: ShaanxiYonglong EnergyDevelopmentConstructionLimited Company.

3,Use:Double skip lifting meets annual liftingWith a capacity of 1 million tons of gangue, a single cage can meet the capacity of fully mechanized excavation equipment and the needs of personnel on and off the lower materials. The winning bidder is required to provide hoisting equipment and power supply and drainage equipment for rewinding..

4Scope of content:Please refer to the drawings for details after the qualification pre-examination of the interested applicants is passed..

Three,shortlistedSupplier Qualification Requirements:

1. Business license: with independent legal person status and valid business license,The registered capital shall be100 million yuan and above. 

2. Performance requirements:The Contractor shall provide at least one similar project performance in the past three years, of which the proposed project manager shall have at least one similar project performance in the past three years (with the contract attached).

3, credit ability: no record of breach of trust,If there is a bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons not your own, if you cannot clarify, the bid will be canceled.shortlistedQualifications.

4. Qualification requirements:The contractor shall have Grade I or above qualification for general contracting of mine engineering construction, and have corresponding capabilities in terms of personnel and equipment, complete safety management personnel and certificates, and underground special operation personnel must hold relevant certificates;

5, through the ISO9000 quality management system certification, with safety production license, and within the validity period, the enterprise has not had major quality accidents, major safety accidents, major casualties in the past 3 years;

6. The person in charge of the project has the qualification of a national registered first-class construction engineer in mining engineering and the certificate of safety production assessment (B and above), and must be an employee of the bidding unit (proof of the enterprise's payment of pension insurance for him is required), and has the ability to guarantee the implementation of the contract project;


FourPre-trial data requirements:

1, perfect and detailed enterprise introduction: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. is not limited to the required information.

2. Unit certificate: business license, account opening license and qualification certificate; Please provide other certificates (such as quality certification, credit certificate, etc.).

3. Performance certificate: signed contract total price page and signature page or bid-winning notice.

Please send the above pre-trial information3The item is sent as a scanned copy to the recipient's mailbox.

Five,SupplierSign upDeadlineand file acquisition

1,Recruitment announcement release time:  2021  Year  5 Month 17 Day Deadline  2021  Year 5  Month 21 Day16:00.

2,The qualification and other relevant information submitted by the first bidder can participate in the technical exchange and later bidding only after being approved.

3. Bidding documents are limited to offline purchase, purchase timeand bidding timeAccording to technical exchangeAfterOK.

Six2. Recipient Information:ContactTelephone:  0917-3452593