Desulfurization and Denitrification Project of Waste Heat Power Station




SmeltingDesulfurization and Denitrification Project of Power Station

Bidding Unit Recruitment Announcement

1.Tender Conditions
This bidding project is ShaanxiDongling SmeltingLimited Companysmelting power stationflue gas desulfurization and denitrationBidding project,Self-raised funds, the project has already met the bidding conditions, and now the project is subject to public bidding.

2. Project Overview and Scope
1Project Address:Changqing Industrial Park, Fengxiang District, Baoji City

2,Tendering Unit: ShaanxiDongling SmeltingLimited Company

3,Project Overview:This project planWaste heat power station flue gas desulfurization denitration dust removal set. From the flue gas economizer to the boiler chimney inlet, including desulfurization system, denitration system, dust removal system, new fan, equipment in the supporting system, water, electricity, instrumentation, automatic control, etc., including boiler leakage transformation.

4. FanRequirementsWai: (1) According to the parameters and emission requirements given by Party A, the overall design scheme, description and construction drawings (including civil design drawings) shall be issued. (2) Boiler renovation must find units with design and construction qualifications (including notification and acceptance). (3) Provision, fabrication and installation of all equipment, facilities, pipelines, supports, electrical equipment, automatic control equipment, wires and cables, adsorption materials, etc. of the desulfurization and denitrification project. (4) The automatic control terminal is placed in the boiler operation room, and all control unit signals are transmitted to the control terminal (temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, detection data, including water, electricity, wind and gas metering). (5) The purchase of rotating equipment (the brand designated by Party A of the fan), electrical equipment, motors, etc. meets the national recommend secondary energy consumption standards, and the motors are YE3 series. Provide instructions and certificates of all kinds of materials, equipment and adsorption materials purchased. (6) Bring their own construction personnel, tools, cranes, climbing equipment (scaffolding), construction distribution box, etc. (with cables and meters). (7) Safe and civilized construction, in compliance with Party A's factory rules and regulations. The construction unit shall have a safety organization framework with clear division of labor. (8) To complete the work on schedule and organize the handover acceptance and training.

3. shortlisted supplier qualification requirements

13. Business license: with independent legal person qualification and valid business license, the business scope of the bidder's business license shall cover the subject matter of this tender; the registered capital shall not be less5000Ten thousand yuan.

2Performance requirements: manufacturers shall provide similar contracts for not less than three years.3One.

32. Credit ability: there is no record of dishonesty. If there is any bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons that are not your own. If you cannot clarify, you will be disqualified from bidding.
4Qualification requirements:With environmental protection professional qualification, environmental engineering (air pollution control project) special design and safety production license.
5Brand requirements: domestic first-line brands.

Pre -4. Information Requirements
1Complete and detailed introduction of the enterprise: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. are not limited to the required information.
2Unit certificate: business license, account opening license, qualification certificate; Please provide other certificates (such as quality certification, credit certificate, etc.).
3Performance certificate: signed contract total price page and signature page or bid-winning notice.
Please send the above pre-trial information3The item is sent as a scanned copy to the recipient's mailbox.

5. supplier registration deadline and document acquisition
1Recruitment announcement release time:2021Year7Month6Day Deadline2021Year7Month10Day16:00.
21. The qualification and other relevant information submitted by the first bidder can participate in the technical exchange and later bidding only after being approved.
33. The bidding documents are limited to offline purchase, and the purchase time and bidding time shall be determined after technical exchange.

SixRecipient Information
Contact:Ju Jiliang
Telephone:13892478633   (0917)3453808
Mailbox:Zhaobiaoba n