Bidding for Process Equipment of Exhaust Air Shaft and Waste Heat Utilization System of Air Compressor




Process equipment of waste air of air shaft and waste heat utilization system of air compressorRecruitment of bidding unitsAnnouncement

One. Tender Conditions

This bidding projectForShaanxiYonglong EnergyDevelopmentConstructionLimited CompanyTenderProject,Self-raised funds, the project already has a tender clause. Pieces, now rightThe projectconduct public bidding.

II,Project Overviewand scope

1,ProjectAddress:Baoji CityLinyou CountyCui MuZhenhe Yang Village.

2. Tendering Unit: ShaanxiYonglong EnergyDevelopmentConstructionLimited Company.

3,Equipment Usage:Forheating periodForThis siteAnti-freezing of buildings and shaftBathing hot waterequal heating; nonForwarm periodValeheat pumpThe room is not running, and the air compressor waste heat utilization system is running..

4Scope of Supply:ProvideComplete set of equipment for exhaust air heat pump unit, take heatcirculating water pump, make-up water pump,Explosion-proof air heating unit,Safety valves, decontamination devices, various valves, connecting pipelines, electric control cabinets, controllers, sensors, inverters and other related electrical equipment and instruments, as well as necessary components and accessories.

Three,shortlistedSupplier Qualification Requirements:

1BusinessLicense: with independent legal personality, holding a valid business licenseThe business scope of the bidder's business license shall cover the subject matter of this tender; registrationFunds not less 1000Ten thousand yuan. 

2Performance Requirements:Nearly three years engaged in coal mineProcess equipment of waste air of air shaft and waste heat utilization system of air compressorRelated industryPerformanceNot less than three.

3Credit ability: noneRecord of dishonesty,If it isExecution InformationWaitBad credit history, please clarify non-self reasons,IfUnable to clarify will be canceledTendershortlistedQualifications.

4. Qualification requirements:Coal mine electrical and equipment production licenseCertificate; relevant equipment has coal safety certificate and explosion proof certificate.

Four,Pre-trial informationRequirements:

1Perfect and detailed enterprise introduction:IncludeCompany profile, organizationInstitutionsPerformance, etc. are not limitedThe requested information.

2UnitCertificate:BusinessLicense, Account Opening PermitQualification certificate;Please provide other certificates (such as qualityCertification,CreditProof, etc.).

3,Proof of Performance:Signed Contract Total Price Page and SignaturePageor Letter of Acceptance.

Please send the above pre-trial information3ItemThe scanned copy is sent to the recipient's mailbox.

Five,SupplierSign upDeadlineand file acquisition

1,Recruitment announcement release time:  2021  Year  7 Month 8 DayCutoff  2021  Year 7  Month 20 Day16:00.

2、First participationofTenderThe qualifications submitted by the person are related.information,ByReview passed before participationTechnical exchange and laterBid.

3,Bidding documents are limitedOfflinepurchase,Purchase timeand bidding timeAccording to technical exchangeAfterDetermine.

Six2. Recipient Information:Contact:Xu Jungang   09173453808