Dongling Financial Sharing Center Platform and Comprehensive Budget Platform Construction





DonglingFinancial Sharing Center Platform and Comprehensive Budget Platform Construction

Recruitment Announcement

1. Project Introduction

Dongling Group is located in Jintai District, Baoji City, west of Guanzhong Plain, Shaanxi Province. It is a private group enterprise with an annual sales volume of more than 100 billion yuan. It is a demonstration enterprise for the development of non-public economy in Shaanxi Province.2020 ranked 169th in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and 39th in the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises. Dongling Group has total assets of more than 40 billion yuan, more than 18000 employees and is under its jurisdiction.140multiple member enterprises, distributed in30Many provincial capitals and central cities. With ferrous, non-ferrous metals and mineral energy development as the core business, it is mainly involved in supply chain services, metal smelting, mineral energy, financial investment, real estate business and other fields, and its business radiates the global market.

Due to the diversification of business operations and geographical dispersion of units, in order to adapt to the rapid development, Dongling Group will focus on"Standardized control" is the core, covering the financial business of the Group and all subordinate companies, and establishing a sound financial sharing and comprehensive budget system. At the same time, consider the future development and change of the group, fully absorb the excellent information transformation and management experience, optimize and improve the standardized management and control system,ToThe transformation of "interconnected, shared and intelligent" management and control service-oriented digital enterprises.


2. recruitmentContent:

Dongling Group's financial sharing service platform and comprehensive budget system.

For details, please refer to the relevant provisions of the bidding documents.

Bid division: financial sharing service platform and comprehensive budget system.2 bid sections, the whole bid section bidding. 

3. shortlisted platform qualification requirements:

1. The bidder is an independent legal person registered in the People's Republic of China and must have a business license issued by the state department for industry and commerce. The business scope includes the contents of this procurement project, and the registered capital is more than 10 million yuan (inclusive) (and the annual inspection is on time within the validity period).

2. If the bidder is a developer, he must have a high-tech enterprise certificate issued by the state department or a CMM certificate (equal insurance) level 3 (inclusive) or above (and within the validity period).

3, the bidder (if the developer) to invest in the project project manager must have the information system project management division qualification certificate (senior) (and within the validity period) orPMPCertificate, and has experience in implementing a financial shared service platform and a comprehensive budget project.

4, the project team implementation personnel must be the original factory service implementation personnel.

5. Financial Requirements: Bidders who have been established for three years are in good financial condition in the past three years (shall be provided2019-2020Audited financial reports); Bidders who have been established for less than three years are in good financial condition (audited financial reports must be provided from the date of establishment).

6. Performance requirements: Bidders must provide project contracts that have successfully implemented the financial sharing service platform and a comprehensive budget.1(January 2019 to the present; provide the original or copy of the contract, which can hide the commercial data part);

7, this tender does not accept the consortium bid.

4. tender announcement time:July 16, 2021 to July 20, 2021 16:00.

1. Participating bidders shall contact the tenderee to submit and review the qualification information, and only after passing the review can they participate in the bidding (purchase the bidding documents, according to the time agreed in the documents).

2. Bidding Plan: The documents are only submitted offline. Bidders are requested to submit the bidding cooperation plan to Dongling Group Co., Ltd. at 8 :30 on July 30, 2021.

3. Recipient Information: Contact: Qiao Zhen Mobile Phone: 13892488166;

4. Business specific dockingDigital Innovation Center, Finance Department; Tel: Song Jianmei:15313864717 Zheng Hui: 13892722278

All units: According to the scheme review, issue the recruitment announcement of this project. Please be cautious to participate.

According to the announcement: according to the agreed timeAt 8:30 a.m. on July 30, Dongling Group Co., Ltd. came to bid on site.

(Payment by the winning unit50000 yuan performance bond): the undertaking unit will comprehensively consider providing technical interface landing schemes such as platform sharing framework sorting, module use and later maintenance.


Dongling Group Bidding Office

July 7, 2021