Announcement on Recruitment of Staff Dormitory and Bathroom Decoration and Repair Project in Yonglong Coal Mine




Announcement on Recruitment of Staff Dormitory and Bathroom Decoration and Repair Project in Yonglong Coal Mine


Shaanxi Yonglong (Coal) Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd.Located in CuiMu Town, Linyou County, Baoji City Centre130 kilometers,BelongDongling Group's joint-stock company, currently employees.More than 1500 people. In order to improve the comfort, aesthetics and convenience of use of infrastructure, the relevant infrastructure projects are now repaired and decorated again.

II,Project Content:

1.The company's staff dormitory infrastructure involvesOutsourcing decoration and maintenance of water supply and drainage, sanitary ware replacement, wall painting and decoration, etc.

2,Comprehensive renovation and decoration of the company's staff bathrooms involves: civil removal, paving, facility installation and electrical and ventilation projects..

Three,shortlistedUnitEligibility Requirements:

1, with independent legal personalityThe registered capital is not less3 million,Havebuilding decoration constructionRelevant qualificationsLevel 3AboveSafety production license is valid,There areSimilar worksPerformanceconstruction enterprise,Needs to provide near2YearSimilarThe contract is not less3, of whichSingleContract amount not less100Ten thousand yuan.

2Credit ability: no record of breach of trust,If there is a bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons not your own, if you cannot clarify, the bid will be canceled.shortlistedQualifications.

3,With drawing optimizationAbilityand the ability to advance funds in the previous period..

4.Tender announcement release time:  2021  Year 8 Month 7 Day Deadline  2021  Year 8 Month 12Day16:00.

1,Participating bidders contact the tenderee to submit and review the qualification information, and only after passing the review can they participate in the bidding.

2. Bidding scheme:FileSubmission, the bidder is requested 2021  Year 8 Month 18 Day  9:30  When it's time  2021  Year  8  Month  18 Day  18:00    When"Dongling Bidding Office Contact"Submit cooperation program.

3. Docking address: 23rd Floor, Block A, Guojin Center, 66 Jintai Avenue, Jintai District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province; Bidding address:Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development & Construction Co., Ltd.

42. Recipient Information:Contact:Qiao Zhen  Mobile:13892488166;

Tenderee: Dongling Group Tenderee Office

August 6, 2021