Announcement on Recruitment of Bathroom Repair and Decoration in Cui Mu Coal Mine




Dongling coal mine bathroom repair decorationRecruitmentAnnouncement

One.Reasons for recruitment

Dongling Group is located in Jintai District, Baoji City, west of Guanzhong Plain, Shaanxi Province, and belongs to a private group of enterprises,Coal mine (Shaanxi Energy Construction and Development Co., Ltd.)It is a company owned by Dongling Group, which is located in the northeast of Baoji City.130km, directly under the jurisdiction of Linyou County, address: Beiwang Village, Cui Mu Town; There are more than 1500 personnel and the mining facilities have been put into operation for 10 years.

Staff bathroom functionFacilities are aging and damaged, civil infrastructure, plumbing, water supply and drainage, ventilation and shower facilities are malfunctioning,According to the group and the main unit of the coal mine repeatedly survey, consultationand joint review:Decided to dismantle, decorate, repair and restore the bathroom function.

IIPurpose of Recruitment:

1.Bathroom useThe function of staff bathroom consists of: male and female bathroom, cadre bathroom, temporary lounge, dressing room and toilet, with an area of about2000 ㎡, consisting of upper and lower 2 floors, can accommodate 300-600 shift employees at a time,GuaranteeOpen 24 hours.

2,Because the maintenance period has basically expired, the following demolition, decoration and maintenance items have appeared within the function..

3,Specific design drawing interface shall prevail(Simple and generous, energy-saving, color consideration of coal mine environment should be relaxed and lively); provided by Party A Yonglong.

4, according to the civil installation professional construction organization, new materials put into operation for energy-saving project construction, highlighting practical, energy-saving simple style.

Three,Invitation to undertake unitsEligibility Requirements:

1, with independent legal personalityThe registered capital is not less10 million,Havebuilding decoration constructionRelevant qualificationsLevel 3AboveSafety production license is valid,There areSimilar worksPerformanceconstruction enterprise,Needs to provide near2YearSimilarThe contract is not less3, of whichSingleContract amount not less200Ten thousand yuan.

2.The company has related projects.Construction experience (Show the relevantContractCopy):Provide2020-2021Scale and cost of similar decoration projects3 copies of contract performance (introduction and post-verification at the bidding venue), and the original contract shall be paid.

3Credit ability: no record of breach of trust,If there is a bad credit record such as executed information, please clarify the reasons not your own, if you cannot clarify, the bid will be canceled.shortlistedQualifications.

4.Tender announcement release time:  2021  Year  10 Month 28 Day Deadline  2021  Year 10  Month 30Day16:00.

1,Participating bidders can contact the tenderee to submit and review the qualification information, and only after passing the review can they participate in the bidding.

2. Bidding scheme:Files are limited to linesSubmission, the bidder is requested 2021  Year 11 Month 1 Day  8  When it's time  2021  Year  11 Month  1 Day  18:00    WhenCuimu Coal MineSubmit cooperation programand tender documents.

3. The bidding time for the bidding project is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. on November 6 in the conference room on the 5th floor of Cui Mu Coal Mine.

42. Recipient Information:Contact:Qiao Zhen  Mobile:13892488166;



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