Announcement on Recruitment of No.2 Auxiliary Shaft Hoist, Electric Control and Gate Control System of North Wing Air Shaft Construction Project




North Wing Air Shaft Construction ProjectNo.2 auxiliary shaft hoisting equipment, electric control and gate control system

Procurement ItemBidding Unit Recruitment Announcement

One. Tender Conditions

This bidding projectForShaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd. North Wing Air Shaft Construction Project,Self-raised funds, the project has already met the bidding conditions, and now the project is subject to public bidding.

IIProject Overviewand scope

1,ProjectAddress: Baoji CityLinyou CountyCui Mu Coal Mine.

2. Tendering Unit: ShaanxiYonglong EnergyDevelopmentConstructionLimited Company.

3,Equipment Usage: North Wing Air Shaft Construction Project No.2 Auxiliary Shaft.

4Project Scope: Cuimu Coal Mine Design Production Scale4.0Mt/a, the service life of the north wing of the mine field is 32.5a, the "46" working system is adopted underground, the "38" working system is adopted on the ground, the annual working day is 330d, and the daily lifting time is 18h. The second auxiliary shaft is equipped with a JKMD-5.5 × 4 PIII floor-mounted multi-rope friction hoist. The lifting container is a four-rope double-layer widened and lengthened cage and a balance cage, which is responsible for lifting personnel, cement, sand and gravel, materials and equipment (including hydraulic supports) in the north wing of the mine field.

Motor rated power2800kW, stator rated voltage 3150V, low-speed AC variable frequency synchronous double winding synchronous motor, AC variable frequency control. The main transmission of the lifting adopts the AC-DC-AC variable frequency dual-winding synchronous motor transmission system. The driving device can adapt to various working conditions of the lifting system and realize the starting operation in the four quadrants, acceleration, constant speed, deceleration, low speed crawling, parking, braking and commutation according to the predetermined speed diagram (see the technical specification of the mechanical part for the speed diagram and force diagram) and lifting requirements.

landing multi-rope friction hoist





Suspended low-speed direct-coupled AC/DC variable-frequency synchronous motor (2800kW, 3150V, 32r/min)



Electric butter filling machine

Oil injection pressure 25MPa, oil tank volume 30L



Mobile vehicle-type oil filter

Flow 200L/h, filtration accuracy 3μm



Three,shortlistedSupplier Qualification Requirements:

1,Have the ability to independently bear civil liability, have the production capacity of bidding hoists, legal persons or other organizations legally registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and provide valid business licenses or business legal person registration certificates;

2,ProvideFrom January 1, 2021 to now, at least 2 copies of supply performance of multi-rope friction hoist (drum diameter 5.5 meters and above) for mine shaft tower (the contract documents shall reflect: the first page of the contract, the main scope of supply, the seal and signature page of both parties, the signing time of the contract, etc.);

3,Provide enhanced container production enterprisesISO10012 measurement management system certification and ISO9001 quality system certification;

4,Provide the undertaking to obtain the Mine Product Safety Mark Certificate of the hoist;

5Qualification requirements:Coal mine electrical and equipment productionCertificate.

FourPre-trial data requirements:

1, perfect and detailed enterprise introduction: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. is not limited to the required information.

2. Unit certificate: business license, account opening license and qualification certificate; Please provide other certificates (such as quality certification, credit certificate, etc.).

3. Performance certificate: signed contract total price page and signature page or bid-winning notice.

Please send the above pre-trial information3The item is sent as a scanned copy to the recipient's mailbox.

Five,SupplierSign upDeadlineand file acquisition

1,Recruitment announcement release time2022Year 7Month 29Day Deadline2022Year 8 Month 4 Day16:00.

2,The qualification and other relevant information submitted by the first bidder can participate in the technical exchange and later bidding only after being approved.

3. Bidding documents are limited to offline purchase, purchase timeand bidding timeAccording to technical exchangeAfterOK.

Six2. Recipient Information:

Contact:Guo Qiang         Telephone:0917-3453808