"Smart Mine" Project, Smart Mine Inspection Robot Procurement and Installation Recruitment Announcement




Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd. "Smart Mine" Project

Announcement on Procurement and Installation Recruitment of Intelligent Mine Inspection Robots

One. Tender Conditions

This project is a smart mine construction project of Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd., with self-raised funds. The project has already met the bidding conditions, and the project is now subject to public bidding.

2. Project Overview and Scope

1. Project Address: Cui Mu Coal Mine, Linyou County, Baoji City

2. Bidding Unit: Shaanxi Yonglong Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

3, equipment use: smart mine construction projects.

4. Project Scope: The project is equipped with intelligent rail hanging inspection instruments on the first floor of 110KV substation of No.2 air shaft, the second floor of 110KV substation of No.2 air shaft, 110KV substation, underground central substation, underground central pump room, north wing belt conveyor, main belt conveyor, 23 panel substation, North wing underground No.2 substation, 23 panel pump room and gas pump station drive room. Gas pump room substation uses a fixed on-duty robot for testing. (The underground central substation, the underground central pump room, the north wing belt conveyor, the main belt conveyor, the 23 panel substation, the north wing underground No.2 substation, the 23 panel pump room and the gas pump station drive room must be intrasermal equipment, and there are no other requirements.) The bidding scope includes the supply, installation, technical service, commissioning, trial operation, completion acceptance, quality assurance, etc. of the above 12 sets of intelligent inspection robots (two sets are used for the north wing belt conveyor) and 1 set of fixed on-duty robot.

3. shortlisted supplier qualification requirements

1. Enterprise qualification requirements: The bidder shall be a legal person organization that has the ability to independently bear civil liability and is legally registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and can provide a valid business license (business scope is consistent with the subject matter) or a legal person registration certificate of an institution;

2. Performance requirements: at least two similar project performances have been completed since January 1, 2020;

3, financial requirements: in recent years, the financial situation is good (subject to the audit report audited by a third party);

4. Reputation requirements: good performance and no record of bad behavior in the past three years;

5. The bidder shall be a manufacturer with the production capacity of the bidding goods; or a domestic registered branch or holding company (providing equity structure) of a foreign production enterprise or a foreign production enterprise, or a domestic registered branch of a foreign production enterprise or a foreign production enterprise, a manufacturer can only entrust one agent to participate in the bidding for equipment of the same brand and model.

6. For equipment required by the state, industry and bidding documents to provide explosion-proof certificate, effective explosion-proof certificate must be provided;

7, coal mine underground equipment, should meet the requirements of the relevant mining products, with mining product safety mark certificate;

8. Refuse to participate in the bidding of this project for those who are included in the list of dishonest enforcers and serious illegal and dishonest enterprises; Provide screenshots or credit reports of the bidder's "dishonest enforcers" query results page on the "Credit China" website or credit information sharing platforms at all levels, and screenshots of the bidder's "list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises" query results page on the "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System" website;

9. Other conditions stipulated by relevant laws and regulations;

10, this project does not accept the consortium bid.

Pre -4. Information Requirements

1, perfect and detailed enterprise introduction: including company profile, organizational performance, etc. is not limited to the required information.

2. Unit certificate: business license, account opening license and qualification certificate; Please provide other certificates (such as quality certification, credit certificate, etc.).

3. Performance certificate: signed contract total price page and signature page or bid-winning notice.

Please send the above 3 items of pre-trial information to the recipient's mailbox in scanned form.

5. supplier registration deadline and document acquisition

1. The recruitment announcement will be issued from April 11, 2023 to 16:00 on April 18, 2022.

2. Relevant information such as qualifications submitted by bidders participating for the first time can only participate in technical exchanges and later bidding after being approved.

3. The bidding documents are limited to offline purchase, and the purchase time and bidding time shall be determined after technical exchange.

6. Recipient Information:

Contact: Guo Qiang Tel: 0917-3453808 Mailbox: 870859183 qq.com