Change is the only option, whether we want it or not

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(Summary description)Just a decade ago,Nokia sold seven out of every 10 phones in the world,the king of feature phones,with a global market share of 72.8%at its peak.From January 10,2007,when Steve Jobs released the first iPhone,to April 25,2014,When Nokia packaged and sold its mobile device and service business to Microsoft,it only took 7 years for Nokia to turn from king to dust.

Change is the only option, whether we want it or not

(Summary description)Just a decade ago,Nokia sold seven out of every 10 phones in the world,the king of feature phones,with a global market share of 72.8%at its peak.From January 10,2007,when Steve Jobs released the first iPhone,to April 25,2014,When Nokia packaged and sold its mobile device and service business to Microsoft,it only took 7 years for Nokia to turn from king to dust.

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-24 15:32
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The age is a sentimental youth,may be affectionate to you,but will not be special to you.
Just a decade ago,Nokia sold seven out of every 10 phones in the world,the king of feature phones,with a global market share of 72.8%at its peak.From January 10,2007,when Steve Jobs released the first iPhone,to April 25,2014,When Nokia packaged and sold its mobile device and service business to Microsoft,it only took 7 years for Nokia to turn from king to dust.
Tears are the last ending."We didn't do anything wrong,but somehow,we lost,"the then CEO and senior team burst into tears at a press conference.Apple's IOS and Google android operating systems kicked off the era of smartphones,but nokia stuck to symbian,which lacked the motivation to innovate.It was no one else but nokia that defeated it in the changing times.
The Times will not be gentle with everyone,but they will reward those who change and renew.
On the evening of July 13,Huawei released its operating performance for the first half of 2020:the company achieved sales revenue of RMB 454 billion yuan,with a year-on-year growth of 13.1%and a net profit margin of 9.2%.In the face of a global epidemic and a year of US repression,Huawei's record is"stunning".
If Nokia's failure is due to the wrong"subject",then Huawei's success is undoubtedly the continuous upgrading of its"subject".Focus on the communication field,huawei on the update technology,update,management and service updates will certainly be one of the best of this era,in the past decade,huawei r&d spending close to$500 billion,continuously improve their core competitiveness,5 g technology,HongMeng system,haisi chip,either active or passive,huawei updated with the change of time and time again,and refresh the"China's pride".
"The world is changing,and whether we want to or not,we need to keep up with the pace of change,be aware of dangers,be humble and stick to the long-termism.It is our only choice to stay ahead of the change."At 8 o'clock in the morning of July 20,Li Hei,first Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Board of Directors of Dongling Group,delivered a speech entitled"The world is changing and we must change"to all the management members at the regular meeting of Dongling Group on Monday.One hour later,Li Lei,Party secretary of Dongling Group,and McKinsey held a kickoff meeting for the project,which was to optimize the organizational structure,activate the organizational vitality and promote the process of dongling's modern management.
Change,seize the day;Change,from now on;Change starts with you and me.
The Times are"redefining"
We should take the exam with a sense of worry
40 years of reform and opening-up release huge bonuses,let China become the world's growth pole in economic development,China from a backward agricultural country into the industrial powerhouse,has the world's most comprehensive manufacturing category,is also in the international situation and relatively stable geopolitical relations,relying on the strong leadership of the party,a stable environment for development,huge market and consumption ability,rapid development of China is the world's second largest economy,has formed the world needs China,China needs the world,so to speak,is the change of policy,make China stronger.
World is cyclical,new crown outbreak,inverse globalization,the priority and the mixed function of factors such as the rise of China,in 2020,concentrated reflection,unprecedented changes have taken place in the world,sustained confrontation between China and the United States,the continuous impact of epidemic,economic downward pressure and disruptive logic of the Internet era,all the enterprises in the market economy has brought new proposition,change the proposition,proposition is at stake.
The average life span of Small and micro enterprises in China is 2.5 years,and that of group enterprises is 7 to 8 years.Why can Dongling develop for 40 years?In li Hei's words,it is the sense of hardship,which means the active change in the face of crisis.Poverty leads to change,and Dongling people embark on the road of black and white iron entrepreneurship;With the popularization of metal products and plastic products,Dongling resolutely embarked on the road of primary industrialization without any accumulation.In order to meet the requirements of the market and promote the long-term development of enterprises,we started a big industrial journey from participating in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises.In recent ten years,informationization and intelligentization have brought new challenges.Dongling has firmly focused on its main business,and promoted high-quality development of enterprises by means of optimizing industrial structure,upgrading development momentum and strengthening modern management.
Looking back,every step that Dongling has gone through has been changed in accordance with the changes of The Times.Among them,it is accompanied by grievance,pain and difficulties."We must cherish the hard-won achievements of development.The situation we face now is many times more complex and difficult than in the past.We must be mindful of potential dangers and take the initiative to make changes so that we can concentrate on our main task and remove distractions."Lee Hei ji said.
The situation is very difficult and we have to change.The key to change lies in people,and the difficulty also lies in people.40 years of precipitation of behavior,knowledge and ideas,under the new proposition,may appear"incompatible"situation.Those who lie on the merit book to sleep,those who can't control themselves can't control the people around them,those who can't take the team to recruit talents,if they can't realize the seriousness of the situation at this critical moment,take the initiative to change,he is not the enterprise,but himself.
The only way to change the world is to change yourself.We don't have to hard on time,because time never transfer by personal will,we can do,the moment with the suffering consciousness,let everybody,what's going on in the world,do a good thing today,plan for tomorrow,conceive the day after tomorrow,only in this way,dongling ability in the era of"big test",a qualified answer to hand over.
Recognize the"weak links"
We have to be humble to make up for it.
Look around us.Over the past 40 years,how many private enterprises have entered the history with our counterparts after the extreme brilliance.How many young people,speaking the language of The Times and using the tools of The Times,are fast catching up with us.
Anyone can be replaced,including ourselves.Can say proudly,east ridge group 40 years of development,the enviable achievements,have also made a lot of honors,we establish the complete commodity supply chain,we have the profound accumulation of resources and brand advantage,we promote the development of the regional industry,rural revitalization,city upgrade,the pace of international division of labor,but we never prided himself,must be acutely aware that there are a lot of short board,to supplement the,we need to make a change.
First of all,we grew up in the western region.Relying on the party's good policy and hard-working spirit,we made use of time and space to obtain price differences in the early stage of the market economy and completed our original accumulation.With the advent of the Internet era,more and more transparent markets,more and more sophisticated industries,more and more picky users,are posing new challenges to us.We save for a rainy day,do,do big,do strong service platform,deep industry in the national market early complete layout,and will be a toehold overseas,valley and layout of the steel net,black and non-ferrous industry research institute,make the intelligence of the era of large data driven,but our market vision,talent reserves,management mode,service ability and so on,compared with the industry advanced enterprises,there are quite a distance,still need to be further optimized,that we don't have to cover up,must be positive to face,progress,there is still a long way,must learn humility.
Secondly,from the perspective of production,we are still a traditional industrial enterprise,from Dongling manufacturing to Dongling Intelligent manufacturing,is still a long-term dream.Although in the past three years,we have invested billions of yuan to complete the technological upgrading and upgrading of Dongling smelting and Luoyang Iron and Steel.In particular,Dongling smelting has reached an advanced level in the domestic industry,but compared with the international advanced enterprises,we do not have any advantages.Market competition has long been beyond the boundary of the category,we want to develop in the market for a long time,we must face up to this problem.We should be modest and prudent,learn from the advanced,and vigorously introduce talents to enhance our core competitiveness.
In addition,40 years of development has left us a lot of valuable experience and wealth,and also precipitated some"chronic diseases"that no longer meet the needs of the market.Just as Li Heji said,"Dongling has taken on too many burdens that enterprises should not have."The purpose of the existence of an enterprise is to create value for users and obtain profits.No matter who it is,it must aim at this goal.However,in the development process of an enterprise,there are always some people who will slowly deviate from this goal and become soft,slow,unenterprising,or even infringe on the development achievements of the enterprise.In these difficult times,companies must not be compassionate.They must not allow such people to exist.Passion is contagious,inertia is contagious,and we must clean up the"pollution sources"in order to clean up our environment.
Of course,our communication ability,management ability,emergency ability,also exposed more or less weak,must change from now on,with modesty,love,cherish,innovation to make up.
Anchor the vision of"Centennial Dongling"
We should stick to the long-termism to"pursue our dreams"
Japan tops the global ranking of century-old companies with more than 25,000 companies,accounting for 1%of the total,and an average life expectancy of 52 years.Japan is home to nine of the world's 10 oldest companies.Why are there so many century-old stores in Japan?The reason is to adhere to the cause of excellence,and continue to create long-term value for users.In a famous dialogue between SONY CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and Ren Zhengfei,Ren summarized the long-term development of the company in two aspects:one is the insight into changes in customer needs and technological trends;the other is the long-term vitality of the organization.
Li Hei always said,"Dongling's career is not a few years or decades,but a century-old foundation for future generations.We should grasp the direction,actively seek changes,stimulate enterprise creativity,introduce and train talents,strengthen innovation,and let all production factors create and realize value on The platform of Dongling,and finally realize the century-old dream.
Insight is the grasp of the direction.Dongling Group has been deeply engaged in the commodity industry for many years,and has come to this day through market tests one after another.It has already accumulated a strong market competitiveness.In the Internet era,it is skilled in the use of big data and risk hedging tools,which has created a strong market research and judgment and grasp ability.
Vitality is an enterprise's creativity,the most important of which is talent and innovation.Talent has always been the top priority in the development of Dongling.Since the introduction of college students in 1995,it has been maintained for 25 years now.Thousands of college students have been fighting in the front line of the construction of the motherland,practicing the Dongling spirit of"hard work and excellence"."Our hope lies in the talents.We should open the door for the introduction of talents,pave the way for the development of talents,and study the management of talents.We should give talents better soil and oxygen,and sow the seeds of talents where there is spring."This is li Heiji's original words,is also the high summary of Dongling talent strategy.Innovation means positive change.In order to meet the requirements of modern enterprise management,Dongling Group has strengthened innovation in distribution system,management system,organizational structure and other aspects in recent years to stimulate the enthusiasm of all Dongling people,so as to maintain long-term vitality of the enterprise and create long-term value for users.
What Dongling wants to realize is a century-old dream.Therefore,in the past 40 years,we have never had a bad record in the financial system.We have maintained a benign cooperative relationship with tens of thousands of partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain,and we have always been at the forefront of the private economy in Shaanxi in terms of creating employment,taxation and bearing social responsibilities.
"Dongling is not about building small buildings.We want to build a super high-rise with reasonable planning,solid foundations,practical interiors and beautiful exteriors.This will not happen overnight,and we need to be ready for a long fight."Lee Hei ji said.
There is no other choice,in fact,is the best choice.Change from now on,the dream will eventually arrive,work together,Dongling people.



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On January 21st, Gao Jianzhong, president of Baoji Bar Association, Dang Dongfeng, vice president, Pu Zhixue, office director, Shi Wenhui, deputy director of Shaanxi Jinbao Law Firm, visited Dongling Group for exchange. Li Lei, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Dongling Group, Chang Yuzhi, head of legal affairs, and Zhang Yongsheng, legal adviser, accompanied the group for discussion.

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chain,aggregated advantage resources,insist on return to work and production,promoting technology and industrial upgrading,improve production efficiency,efforts to reduce operating costs,various industry sector achieved good development results,also received the affirmation of all levels of government and industry


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