Dongling, I want to say to you (One)

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(Summary description)The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero

Dongling, I want to say to you (One)

(Summary description)The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-08 17:59
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The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero.
For them,the year 2020 will also have extraordinary significance.They will leave school and go into the workplace,no matter in the factory or in the sales line.They will become better and better through their own efforts.
In 1994,dongling's operating income exceeded 100 million yuan and fixed assets reached 20 million yuan.In the same year,Li Heji,the leader of the enterprise,put forward the"Lingang Plan"from the perspective of the long-term development of the enterprise,so that more outstanding college students could enter Dongling and inject strong impetus into the development of the enterprise.
The year 2020 will be the 27th year of the implementation of Lingang's plan.Even under the severe impact of the epidemic,Dongling will still shoulder its social responsibilities to ensure the industrial chain and supply chain as well as the employment of college students.
From the entry to now,half a year has passed,they have passed the internship period,stepped on the different posts,they have a heart,want to say today.

Finance Department of Dongling Smelting Company: Yao Jun


Years of circulation, time flies, blink of an eye to Dongling has been half a year, looking back on this period of time, deep feelings, harvest quite abundant. During these days in the finance department of the smelting company, I understood the production process of the coking system, mastered the work process of the position and the required business knowledge, and was able to skillfully use EAS software. Finance for the whole company, strictly control the standards, pay attention to details, pay attention to the process, do a good overall planning. To be specific, every voucher, every detail should be handled well, every business should clearly grasp the context, every subject should be managed in place, check whether the accounts of this month are balanced at the end of every month. Under the care and guidance of the company's leaders and colleagues, I have learned a rare experience and social insight. Next, I will devote myself to my job with more enthusiasm and contribute my modest efforts to the development of Dongling in the past century.

He Luqi power workshop of Dongling Zinc Industry Company


"Paper to come jue Shallow, must know this matter to practice." During the short half year of actual combat and learning, what I did, saw and heard changed my cognition of work. I deeply realized that the knowledge and accumulation I learned at school were not enough, and working in a company was a new learning and change. I am responsible for the project quality and cautious working attitude. Through continuous hands-on operation, I will actively think about solutions to various problems arising from practical operation. Through this kind of training, I will constantly strengthen the engineering consciousness. I not only know and understand various types of work and use tools, but also exercise their hands-on ability. When you finish a task, you feel a sense of fulfillment. I would like to thank all the leaders and teachers for their care and instruction to me. I will continue to work hard and forge ahead on this post.

Luo Shaowen, Power workshop of Coking equipment, Dongling Smelting Co


The six-month internship is coming to an end. Through this internship, I have rapidly grown from a young student to a technician, experienced the hard-won development of Dongling Group, and felt the true spirit of "hard work and pursuit of excellence". My hometown is the hometown of Xifeng Wine. I have a strong sense of belonging when I come to work for a smelting company. There are authentic local cuisine and simple and interesting local dialect here, all of which are both cordial and familiar. At work, it is still a familiar feeling to be a teacher and apprentice, mentor and preach to solve problems. I am familiar with the environment, adapt to the environment and enjoy the joy of it. Through assiduous study, earnest study and hard practice, I have grown rapidly and become a new force capable of standing alone in the smelting company.

Domestic trade head Company Yunnan Huihai Lu Meng


Time flies like an arrow. Before I know it, I have been working in Yunnan Huihai Company for three months. Under the guidance and patience of the company's leaders and seniors, I have gained a profound understanding of financial work and made a clear plan for my future work. Often told myself, as a financial staff, must be "careful, patient, careful". At the beginning, when I met various problems and difficulties in the workplace, I actively responded to them, faced them head on, humbly asked for advice, and studied hard. With the correct guidance and good guidance from my colleagues, I quickly exercised and grew up. At the same time, life also gave me meticulous care and warmth, let me in a thousand miles away, did not feel lonely and helpless in a foreign land. In the future, I will strive to improve my professional skills, improve my work details, and make sure that everything is responsive and well-organized. One hundred years dongling, we are all dreamers.

Dongling Smelting Company equipment Office Wang Shuai


Time is like water, lost time can never be recalled. After the assignment, I had the honor to work as an intern in the equipment department of smelting company for three months, where I learned a lot and kept learning. In the campus teachers always emphasize to cultivate self-study ability, work experience more profound, textbooks to learn the theory of knowledge use less, work problems need to think more, good analysis, more hands-on. "Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth." What I feel more deeply is must oneself practice personally, participated in, actual operation, ability understands all sorts of working principle, each link can appear what problem. "Observe more, will observe, can analyze" this is the master often said the most sentence, I keep it in mind, more put into action.

Zhang Yongchao, machine repair workshop of Dongling Smelting Company


During the half-year internship in Dongling Smelting, I not only learned a lot of professional skills, but also learned to be a better person and handle affairs, and accumulated practical experience from myself. As a college student, I have mastered a lot of theoretical knowledge, but almost no practical experience. Under the guidance of my master who has many years of practical experience, I have also made rapid growth and improvement. After the internship, I learned a valuable experience: think first when encountering problems, learn after solving problems, and summarize after learning. In my spare time, I will spare some time to review the mechanical books and materials of the university. Only in this way can we better solve all kinds of problems in equipment repair and maintenance, and timely propose scientific solutions. I will treasure this precious platform and work opportunity, study hard, keep practicing and improving myself.

International trade Corporation Guangdong Jintai Company yellow Products source


During my three months in Jintai, Guangdong, I have gained a lot from my transformation from a college student to a professional. At the beginning of the work, I was worried that I did not know how to get along well with my colleagues and how to finish the work efficiently. I had never contacted with all the businesses the company was carrying out, which was regarded as a small white in the field of non-ferrous metal business. Harmonious atmosphere in the company, after company leaders and colleagues of care and patient guidance, I soon finished the move from the role of students to the staff, the shortest period of time to adapt to the company's working environment, and familiar with the process of the whole work of the non-ferrous metal trade business, the most important thing is contact and study the relevant business knowledge, from understanding to the familiar, like in the end, I finished the challenge, once again experienced the disintegration time and again, believe that the development of the east ridge will be better and better, I will stick to the beginner's mind, pursuing dreams.



Gao Jianzhong, president of Baoji Lawyers Association, visited Dongling Group for exchange

On January 21st, Gao Jianzhong, president of Baoji Bar Association, Dang Dongfeng, vice president, Pu Zhixue, office director, Shi Wenhui, deputy director of Shaanxi Jinbao Law Firm, visited Dongling Group for exchange. Li Lei, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Dongling Group, Chang Yuzhi, head of legal affairs, and Zhang Yongsheng, legal adviser, accompanied the group for discussion.

Annual Review: Ten unforgettable moments in 2020 Dongling

The 2020 has passed,there are too many unforgettable moments,let us mouth up,or tears.The white hero of the resistance,the national recognition of the glory of thunderous applause,Chang'e 5 moon earth shock,we cheer for the Chinese nation,we are touched by the deeds of the hero,we cheer for every ordinary individual

Annual inventory: leadership care dongling forge ahead

In 2020,facing the dual impact of the global economic downturn and the new crown epidemic,Dongling Group vigorously promotes modern enterprise management,constantly speeds up industrial technology upgrading,focuses on creating"black"and"non-ferrous"industrial advantages,further strengthens the core competitiveness of the enterprise,and has achieved outstanding development achievements

Annual review: Dongling Group 2020 Development Honor Roll

chain,aggregated advantage resources,insist on return to work and production,promoting technology and industrial upgrading,improve production efficiency,efforts to reduce operating costs,various industry sector achieved good development results,also received the affirmation of all levels of government and industry


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