A tin sheet processing shop has become a 100-billion-yuan enterprise
A poor village has become the first village in the west

We have experienced 42 years of wind and rain
We have striven for progress for 42 years
We start the journey again after these 42 years

Dongling Village belongs to Chencang Town, Baoji City, and is located in the eastern section of Jintai Avenue, Baoji City. The village has 210 households and 812 people. Dongling Village Development Index ranks among the top ten villages in China's economy. The average household asset of the villagers exceeds 5 million yuan and the per capita income exceeds 100000 yuan, which is known as "a village in the west".

Dongling Community was established in April 2011, with a planned area of 1.02 square kilometers and more than 9000 households. There are 16 community workers, and the party branch of Dongling District, the party branch of the property company, and the party branch of retirees are under the general party branch.

The party and mass service center has a construction area of 2000 square meters, with convenient service hall, party member activity room, library, electronic reading room, handicraft room, table tennis room and other places. There are kindergartens, community hospitals, international five-star Dongling Crowne Plaza Hotel, 120000 ㎡ Yintai City Shopping Center, major banks, etc. in the community. The intelligent management platform mode of integration of community management and property services is built. The radio and television intelligent community, the property "one should cloud" life service, and the "917" community intelligent cloud cabinet service platform actively create a safe, civilized, clean and comfortable community atmosphere for the owners, it has formed the unique cultural concept of "people-oriented, harmonious coexistence", "sincerity, goodwill, refinement and perfection.

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Assets per household exceed 3 million yuan

Per capita income exceeds 100000 yuan

Strong Village in Western China

China's top ten economic villages