A tin sheet processing shop has become a 100-billion-yuan enterprise
A poor village has become the first village in the west

We have experienced 42 years of wind and rain
We have striven for progress for 42 years
We start the journey again after these 42 years
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Li Heiji, founder of Dongling Group, first Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group (Village) and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Li Heiji, with outstanding economic contributions and social responsibilities, was elected as the "Eleventh National People's Congress", and was selected as "100 Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up", and successively won the "National Model Worker", the 4th "National Non-public Economy Person Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", "China Rural Reform Lifetime Contribution Award", "Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up Global Qin Shang Meritorious Figure", "Shaanxi Province Model Worker", "Shaanxi Province Outstanding Private Entrepreneur", "Shaanxi Province Outstanding Contribution Expert", "Shaanxi Province Outstanding Communist Party Member", "Shaanxi Province Made for the development of social welfare outstanding contribution to private entrepreneurs" and more than 100 awards.

At present, he is also a member of the standing Committee of the 12th Executive Committee of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice president of China Association for the Promotion of Glorious cause, vice president of China Association for the Promotion of Village and Social Development, vice chairman of Shaanxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, member of Shaanxi Provincial people's Congress Financial and Economic Committee, member of Baoji Municipal CPC Committee, and vice chairman of Baoji Federation of Industry and Commerce.