Social responsibility

The Social Responsibility

-To work hard to promote the industry and serve the country-

Work Hard To Develop Industry Industries Serve Country

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Dongling Group participated in Fengxian Zinc Products Plant, Baoji Coking Plant and Lueyang Iron and Steel Plant.

WaitRestructuring of more than 10 state-owned enterprises, receiving and resettling tens of thousands of employees of state-owned enterprises.

Dongling Group participates in rural and urban infrastructure construction, road construction, bridge construction, poverty alleviation, education, teaching assistants and other social welfare, charity and disaster relief donations,Accumulated contributions exceed 0.3 billion yuan.

Dongling Group Invests 23 billion Yuan to Help Old City ReconstructionDongdaemun shanty town has changed its face, and Dongling urban complex has become a new landmark of Baoji city.

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Dongling GroupAid the construction of Dongling Cultural Covered Bridge, North Slope Park, Fengxian Jialing River Bridge, etc.

Dongling Group donated funds to help the villagers around Fengxian County, Fengxiang County, Linyou County and other enterprises to build new homes, so that the villagers can move into the new countryside,Solve the local rural employment more than 7000 people.

Dongling Group was named and commended by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government as"Enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to social welfare and charity"; Dongling Group won the" First China Poverty Alleviation Forum"China Poverty Alleviation and Enterprise Contribution Award”。


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