A tin sheet processing shop has become a 100-billion-yuan enterprise
A poor village has become the first village in the west

We have experienced 42 years of wind and rain
We have striven for progress for 42 years
We start the journey again after these 42 years

Dongling people who dare to be the first in the world

When I was young, I asked the old man why this place was called Dongling. The answer was that this place was higher than the surrounding areas. Because of this special geographical structure, this highland could be called outstanding people with drought and flood and a good harvest. Nowadays, many old people will not forget that in the administrative village of more than 4,000 people in Union Village, almost all the health centers, scientific research stations and business leaders in Murakami are competitive Dongling people.

In the past, Dongling people's main business was to grow vegetables. Due to intensive cultivation and the pursuit of brand quality, as early as the 1970 s, a large number of vegetables were exported to foreign countries, earning foreign exchange for the country. Dongling people, who are not satisfied with the status quo, stand at the forefront of the tide of reform and opening up. In the early stage of reform and opening up, the distribution of fields to households is at the forefront of the city!

For the change of fate, generations of farmers dare to think, dare to do, dare to break through. At first, the tinkers, who worked in black and white iron for a short time, saw the crisis-the threat of plastic products to us. In the absence of any conditions, resolutely entered the field of light industry: the ranks of metal products. In the 1980 s, when there was a shortage of economy and commodities, the great Dongling people radiated iron wire, round nails, cold wire drawing, ribbed steel bars, cement nails and other products to more than 10 surrounding provinces and cities. It was at that time that many outsiders in the same industry did not know Baoji, but knew Dongling!

On the journey of life development, the Dongling people, who have only commas and no full stops, have boldly taken a particularly big step forward! Into the big industry in the steel, non-ferrous camp inside. Who knows that on this big stage, from 2000, Dongling people have fully interpreted the industrial chain of steel and nonferrous metals. From raw materials iron ore, lead-zinc ore, coal mine to smelters, steel, nonferrous metals, coking, and then the product market trade, the whole chain took more than 20 years to weave.

The struggle history of Dongling people speaks with facts and assumes three glorious and arduous responsibilities: first, political responsibility. For the sake of local political stability, the kind-hearted Dongling people share the worries and solve the difficulties of the government. Since the 1990 s, it has successively received more than 10 state-owned enterprises, including Pioneer Wujiaohua, Material Station, Fengxian Zinc Plant, Baoji Coking Plant, and Lueyang Iron and Steel Plant, bringing these companies on the verge of bankruptcy back to life. The placement of tens of thousands of employees of state-owned enterprises is rare in the history of Shaanxi, and has been affirmed and commended by the provincial party committee and provincial government. As a result of assuming economic responsibility, on the long road of development, there is no bad record, saving more than 10 billion economic losses for the country, no money owed to the common people, no money owed to employees, and the contribution of tax revenue has been ranked first in provinces, cities and counties for many years. It has also assumed social responsibility. The Dongling urban complex of Dongdaemun, which is still 20 years later, is not out of date in quality, size and grade, and has become a veritable city card of Baoji. Public welfare undertakings, such as Baoji Dongling Cultural Coverage Bridge, Fengxian Jialing River Bridge, Linyou's Best Road, etc., let the people of the world talk about everything!

Dongling people are worthy of our life, worthy of the great era, worthy of the people, worthy of the care and love of organizations at all levels. What has the 40 years of ups and downs left us now in Dongling? A great life has been left: If we don't think about making progress, the current Dongling people can't have today. Although there are such difficulties and problems on the road of our career development, we have learned the experiences and lessons that many people in the world do not know. If we do nothing, we will have everything. If we have shortcomings, we will overcome them. If we have achievements, we will carry forward them. This is the life of Dongling people! Left a great thought: not impossible, only unexpected; not doing well, only thinking badly. It doesn't matter who we are, but the most important thing is who we are with. It is especially important. With such a thought, we will have a mind that can accommodate all the talents in the world and do all the things in the world. It doesn't matter where we were born, but what matters is where we go. What others can't think of, we have to think that the goal of life is upward. For this upward trend, we Dongling have to give up a lot of time, leaving the most precious time for us to achieve our goals. For the realization of our goals, we have turned bitterness into sweetness and tiredness into joy.

We are going to places where there is sunshine, career, and hope. Where there is our career, there are Dongling people. We must be an enterprise respected by society. If you want others to respect us, first see if we respect others. If you want to make yourself comfortable, you must make your collaborators comfortable before you can leave a great career. The previous 40 years have left a new world to do great things today, and now we have put forward the development goal of Dongling for a century. We cherish the hard-won today and are grateful to people from all walks of life who have given Dongling support and help over the years. In the face of the new period, we have no choice but to shoulder the heavy burden of history. We feel that we have a great responsibility. We can only advance and not retreat. Seeing that the crisis has become our driving force, no matter how high the mountain is, no matter how big the mission goal is, we must achieve it, because we are glorious and great Dongling people!


First Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dongling Group创始人

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