The concept of the Party building

Grasp the Party building and take development as the center.
Do a good job in the Party building and promote development.

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/////////////   Characteristics  /////////////



Leading villages by enterprises, integrating villages and enterprises

Dongling Group is the largest private enterprise of our Province, with more than 18,000 employees and more than 2,600 party members. It implements “the same group of people forms two leading groups”, namely Dongling Group Committee of CPC and Dongling Village Committee of Chencang Town of CPC. The party committee of Dongling Group has 3 grass root party committees, 10 general party branches and 54 party branches, and the membership credentials belong to party committee of Hanzhong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, district party committee of Jintai District of Baoji and county party committee of Linyou, etc. During the development of the enterprise, it actively explored party organization model of “leading villages by enterprises, integrating villages and enterprises”.

The party organization covers wherever the business develops

In recent years, the development of Dongling Group stepped into the fast lane. New companies continuously join the Group, and projects are all over the country. Group party committee adheres to the principle of “the party organization covers wherever the business develops” all the time, so as to achieve the full coverage of grass root party organizations. The party organization structure is set flexible, which breaks the segmentation of blocks and regions. At present, Group party organization radiates to more than 20 cities all over the country, and has more than 120 party groups of workshop currently. The coverage rate of party organization is increased, which strongly promotes the health and orderly development of the enterprise and makes party construction work go deep into the frontline and every party member.


Being a party member is an honor , you may have a position politically and have face economically.

We should vigorously establish the glorious image of party members, making ordinary people strive to join the party and party members strive to be excellent party members, so that employees can feel the glory of being a party member, and encourage more people to move closer to the party organization. In recent years, the Group party committee successively recommended more than 20 excellent party members to be deputies to the provincial people’s congress of the district, the city and the province and members of the CPPCC, which really made excellent party members have a position politically, have an honor socially and have a future in development, and extremely enhanced the confidence and sense of honor of party members. On the summary commendation conference of the Group on July 1st every year, the Group would ceremoniously commend annual excellent party members and advanced grass root party organizations, making excellent party members become an honor, and let them enjoy respect and admiration in the Group. We not only give them glorious honor, but also a big reward. We organize excellent party members to study in red education base, and let them feel the party’s revolutionary tradition and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of party members. 

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The Party Committee of the Group was respectively awarded the advanced Party organization of non-public enterprises for poverty alleviation,model unit of Caring and helping the disabled in Baoji city,and priority in the primary party organization for pioneering and striving.
Zhao Xiaoqiang,member of the Party Committee of The Group and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongling Smelting Company,was awarded"the 8th Excellent Entrepreneur of Shaanxi Province".
Tong Xian,a member of Dongling Zinc Co.,LTD.,was awarded the 2019 Baoji May 1st Labor Medal.
Deng Murin,a member of Dongling Zinc Industry,Luo Yonggang,Zhang Xiaowei,a member of Dongling Smelting industry,and Yang Jingyuan,a member of Dongling Metallurgy Industry,were awarded the title of"the Most Beautiful Strivings"of 2019 Jindai District non-public economic organization.
Lu Yongfeng,deputy general manager of Dongling Zinc Industry,Liu Zhuo,director of equipment,and Wu Haixue,director of Dongling smelting workshop,won the title of"the Most Beautiful Craftsman"of the non-public economic organization of Jintai District in 2019.
Li Feng,Secretary of party Branch of Domestic Trade Head Office,and Dang Jianguo,Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Dongling Smelting Company,were awarded"Excellent Party Affairs Workers"in Jintai District in 2019.Chen Xiunan,member of the Party Committee of Dongling Zinc Industry Co.,LTD.,was awarded"Excellent Party Affairs Worker"in 2020 Jintai District.

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