"I feel very happy in Dongling Village", the old people in Dongling Village celebrate the Double Ninth Festival



"My son is filial, my daughter-in-law is considerate, and Murakami's leaders are concerned. I feel very happy in Dongling Village."
Zhao Xiaomei, a 67-year-old man who won the title of "good mother-in-law", said excitedly. 43 years ago, she married to Dongling. From being poor and white at the beginning to having no worries about food and clothing, she has witnessed the great changes in the development of Dongling Village since the reform and opening up.
Once Dongling Village was a well-known poor village, with only three parts of the river beach per capita. "Half a year of bran vegetables and half a year of grain, and a woman does not marry Dongling Lang" is the most true portrayal of life at that time. Today, Dongling Village has many honors such as "the first Village in Western China", "National civilized Village" and "National Rural Revitalization demonstration Village", and has made good achievements in the construction of rural civilization.
Warm East Ridge

October 14 is the annual Chongyang Festival. On this day of each year, Dongling Village presents awards to the good deeds and advanced civilized typical figures that emerged in the village this year, setting an example for the villagers. The old people in Dongling village also gathered together on this day to celebrate their own festival.
Since the beginning of this year, the village committee has continuously improved the material, spiritual and cultural life of the elderly and promoted a civilized rural style. On the day of the Double Ninth Festival, Li Heiji, the first secretary of the Dongling Village Party Committee, and Li Lei, the party secretary, came to the scene to present awards to the winners of Dongling Village.


Honor Roll
The Power of Example
Good mother-in-law: Zhao Xiaomei
For decades, she has shouldered the heavy responsibility of the family with her own shoulders. In the eyes of her children, she is a good mother, selfless dedication and hard work. In the eyes of her daughter-in-law, she is a hard-working good mother-in-law. For the sake of her children and grandchildren, she has no complaints and inherits virtues with strong courage.
Good husband: Feng Baotian
Interpret the true meaning of love with actions, and forge the true feelings of husband and wife with perseverance. After his wife fell ill, he took on the burden of the family, did housework, took care of his wife, and gave warmth and hope to the family with a broad mind.
Good husband: Li Yongxiang
In the face of his wife's illness, he cared for and patiently fed water and food. With his strong shoulders, he supported the children's hope of life. He was a good husband in his wife's eyes and a good father for the children.
Good wife: Guo Yaping
Gentle, virtuous, and kind. From her, we can see the fine tradition of Chinese women who bear hardships and stand hard work and have the courage to take responsibility. They actively support the work of their husbands and accompany the growth of their children with heart. They are a good wife with responsibility and a good mother in the hearts of children.
Healthy Elderly: Fang Jinming
Sang Yu is not late, the setting sun is red, life has finished his waist, and the years have carved deep wrinkles on his face, but he still insists on exercising for the health and happiness of his old age, so as not to increase the burden on the children.
Healthy Elderly: Yang Fu
He is strong in the face of life, although his body is not very good, but also to take care of his sick wife, from him to show the eternal life and love of life.
Good People Around: Party Runqiao Wang Ling'e
Picking up money is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, and it is the embodiment of a person's noble moral sentiment. When Dang Runqiao and Wang Ling'e picked up the wallet and mobile phone, they actively contacted the owner and returned it to the owner, which fully reflected the noble moral character and spiritual outlook of Dongling people.
Star of Literature and Art: Huang Ju Xian
Actively participate in various activities organized by Murakami, sing, fight, be positive and optimistic, and persist and pursue unremittingly on the road of fitness.
Star of Literature and Art: Yang Yiqin
Raise your hands, waving a graceful dance; open your mouth to unreal the high-pitched Qin opera, singing, acting, dancing, shooting videos, you love life, showing the beauty of the retirement life of the elderly.
Star of Civilized Home: Feng Lin Text Jin E
Actively participate in the construction of beautiful countryside, love Dongling homeland, support Dongling cause, be hardworking and dedicated in work, be kind and optimistic in life, and make their own contributions to the construction of civilized homeland.

Recognition of advanced

The meeting was presided over by Fang Jilin, deputy secretary of Dongling Village Party Committee. Luo Suoqin, president of Dongling Village Senior Citizens Association, summarized the work of the Senior Citizens Association in 2021. Kang Yinxia, deputy secretary of Dongling Community, read out the "Decision on Commending Various Advanced Models in Dongling Village in 2021".

Good mother-in-law Zhao Xiaomei, good husbands Feng Baotian and Li Yongxiang, good wife Guo Yaping, healthy old people Fang Jinming and Yang Fu, good people around him Dang Runqiao and Wang Ling'e, stars of literature and art Huang Juxian and Yang Yiqin, stars of civilization home Feng Lin Ke and Wen Jin'e were commended.


As soon as Li Heiji, the first secretary of the village party committee, entered the venue, he enthusiastically greeted the elderly who came to participate in the event one by one, caring and attentive, and cordially talked with them about the group's difficult development and great achievements. And what I saw and heard when I participated in the seminar of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember Mission" for private entrepreneurs. He said that since the beginning of this year, due to the continuous impact of the new crown epidemic and the economic situation at home and abroad, under the background of national policies such as dual carbon strategy, dual control of energy consumption, and restriction of production and electricity, the group's mining energy, smelting steel and black non-ferrous trade are facing tremendous pressure and challenges. All Dongling people have firm confidence, faced difficulties and overcome difficulties, and various industrial sectors have achieved growth against the trend, good development results have been achieved. With the rapid development of science and technology and information, Dongling should make great strides towards intelligent, scientific and information-based enterprises in the development of the whole industry chain, so as to continuously empower Dongling to achieve high-quality development. I hope that the elderly in Dongling will learn from the commended outstanding elderly, think in one place, work hard in one place, vigorously promote Dongling's social contributions, and actively support Dongling's children to start their own businesses; be grateful for the reform and opening up and the good policies of the party, Cherish the hard-won happy life, take good care of the body while taking good care of the family, and make the life of the elderly happier and better!

In his speech, Li Lei, secretary of the village party committee, expressed holiday greetings and best wishes to the elderly in the village on behalf of the village (group) party committee. He said that the experience and wisdom of your predecessors are our precious wealth, and your fine traditions and excellent qualities are examples for young people to learn from. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to the prosperity of Dongling Village and the development of the group. You are all pioneers, entrepreneurs, and even strivers. Then, he introduced the complex economic situation, market situation and development achievements of the group in this year's development. He hopes that the elderly in the village can continue to pay attention to the development of Dongling Village and the group, and inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of Dongling Village. He believes that with the support of your predecessors, the dream of a century of Dongling will be realized, and it will be better and better on the road of common prosperity.

Feng Baotian, a 77-year-old man, said that Dongling Village is a warm and harmonious family with harmonious neighbors and everyone helps each other when things happen. Our healthy life is the greatest blessing for our children. I believe the days will get better and better.
Good mother-in-law Zhao Xiaomei, good husband Feng Baotian, star of civilized homeland Wen Jin E, star of literature and art Yang Yiqin, and villagers' representative Li Chunling made sharing speeches. The elderly present also said that Dongling Village has annual dividends and monthly pensions. The cultural life of the elderly is rich and colorful and interesting. They must guard the rear for their children and fully support young people to start their own businesses. Make due contributions to the development of the village.

Artistic performance

In order to enrich the cultural life of the elderly, the Dongling Village Committee also organized the Murakami Art Team to perform wonderful cultural performances such as Qin Opera, Allegro, and dance. The elderly stepped onto the stage with confidence and celebrated themselves through self-written and self-performed cultural programs. festival!

"We should not only bring people rich, but also bring people well." Dongling Village has always been co-managing the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization. Under the leadership of Li Heiji, the first secretary of the village party committee, and Li Lei, the secretary of the party committee, Dongling Village will continue to move forward on the road of common prosperity.