Dongling, I want to say to you (two)

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(Summary description)The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero

Dongling, I want to say to you (two)

(Summary description)The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero

  • Categories:DongLing News
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  • Time of issue:2020-12-09 18:05
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The year 2020 will be the year when the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is achieved,the year when the battle against poverty comes to an end in all respects,and the year when the Chinese nation will unite as one and fight against COVID-19 as a hero.
For them,the year 2020 will also have extraordinary significance.They will leave school and go into the workplace,no matter in the factory or in the sales line.They will become better and better through their own efforts.
In 1994,dongling's operating income exceeded 100 million yuan and fixed assets reached 20 million yuan.In the same year,Li Heji,the leader of the enterprise,put forward the"Lingang Plan"from the perspective of the long-term development of the enterprise,so that more outstanding college students could enter Dongling and inject strong impetus into the development of the enterprise.
The year 2020 will be the 27th year of the implementation of Lingang's plan.Even under the severe impact of the epidemic,Dongling will still shoulder its social responsibilities to ensure the industrial chain and supply chain as well as the employment of college students.
From the entry to now,half a year has passed,they have passed the internship period,stepped on the different posts,they have a heart,want to say today.

Domestic trade corporation Yunnan Huajie Company Luo Dongwei


In a flash,it has been three months since I came to Yunnan Huajie Company for domestic trade.During the internship,I deeply realized the hardships and difficulties of work,and also felt the sense of achievement brought by work.I realized what is worth pursuing.Every word in the work,every action represents the image of the company,because just started to work,no matter from the business ability,or from the idea there are many deficiencies.With the positive guidance and selfless help from leaders,masters and colleagues,and with the right direction and goal,my working ability is also gradually improving,which lays a good foundation for my personal career development.In the future,I will devote myself to my work in a brand new state of mind to learn professional knowledge,master professional skills and improve my business ability.Strive to be an excellent employee and contribute to the development of the company.

International Trade Corporation Tianjin Lingbei Company Biye


Time flies, came to dongling this big family nearly half a year. I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills both in Zinc company and in Tianjin branch. In Tianjin Branch, every leader and colleague gave me meticulous care and full support in the work, everyone generously gave me advice, so that I have a deep understanding and understanding of the field of color, have a clear direction and a clear plan for their own development. In the future, I will work harder, study extensively and improve rapidly. I also hope that the development of Dongling Group will be a new chapter.

Domestic trade corporation Xining Dongling Company Yue Huimin


Time flies like an arrow. I have been in Xining Dongling for three months. Under the guidance of company leaders and colleagues, I have a deeper understanding of various businesses of the company, which inspires a strong sense of belonging to Dongling Group. At the same time, I also have a deep understanding of my own work. During this period, I not only consolidated my professional knowledge, but also improved my social practice ability, which was a major exercise for me. With the help and care of leaders and colleagues, I quickly grasped the essentials and basic skills of work and quickly entered the role of work. In the future, I will try my best to improve myself so as to better serve Dongling. One hundred years dongling, we are all dreamers.

Domestic trade corporation Ningxia East steel Company Liu Jia


Looking back on this period of internship days, the heart with a myriad of feelings. With the care and help of leaders, colleagues and seniors, I will gradually complete the transformation from a student to a financial staff through my unremitting efforts. As the cashier of Ningxia Donggang, I have mastered the working process and financial knowledge required by the position, and I am skilled in using Kingdee EAS software. Cashier is a careful job, master the company's daily income and expenditure, understand the cause and effect of each income and expenditure, manage the company's expense reimbursement, and assist the accountant to sort out each accounting file of the company. These three months are a process of learning and accumulation, of adaptation and transformation. More importantly, I have learned a lot about how to behave from leaders, colleagues and seniors. I will continue to forge ahead in my position and contribute my strength to the development of Dongling in the past 100 years.

International trade Corporation Tianjin Lingbei Company Bai Ye


Imperceptibly, I have been working in tianjin Lingbei Foreign trade Company for three months, looking back on this period of time, feeling a lot, a lot of harvest. This period of time, by the leadership of the company and predecessors of the careful guidance and care, familiar with the work process and required business knowledge, to achieve a good working state. At the beginning, I encountered a lot of tough problems. I kept an optimistic attitude, actively dealt with them and tried to find solutions. My colleagues also helped me with great enthusiasm, which helped me grow and exercise quickly. In life, everyone also gave me meticulous care and warmth, so that I quickly integrated into the big family of Tianjin Lingbei. In the future, I will continue to work hard to improve myself, make still further progress.

Domestic trade corporation Lanzhou Tongyuan Company Gu Xinyan


After three months of internship, for me personally, the new position is a new starting point, a new beginning. Come to a strange environment, in the face of a group of strangers, I should take the initiative to get familiar with the working environment, actively integrate into the family and familiar with the company's business processes. In the work, I am open-minded and eager to learn, diligent and enterprising, constantly exercise and show my personal ability, give play to my own value, actively make due contributions in my own position, and successfully complete every task assigned by the company. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Mining corporation Yonglong Company Zhang Qihao


The year 2020 is a very extraordinary year. Just out of university, I am full of hope and expectation for the outside world. I have chosen Dongling as a new starting point for my career path. I deeply felt the dongling people hard struggle, dare to the world first spirit. In the face of the coal industry that has never been involved, I am well aware of my lack of professional knowledge and working experience, and I have to establish a sense of learning. Only by continuous learning can I have advanced ideas and thinking, dare to break through myself and rearrange my portfolio. Administrative work is complicated, and we must work hard in service, management and coordination. Management is not only a staff and assistant, but also an art of execution. Coordination is based on full communication. Administrative work is a myriad of processes, which requires the initiative to find and solve problems and the ability to make efforts to become professional, strong, and able to work independently in the future.



Gao Jianzhong, president of Baoji Lawyers Association, visited Dongling Group for exchange

On January 21st, Gao Jianzhong, president of Baoji Bar Association, Dang Dongfeng, vice president, Pu Zhixue, office director, Shi Wenhui, deputy director of Shaanxi Jinbao Law Firm, visited Dongling Group for exchange. Li Lei, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Dongling Group, Chang Yuzhi, head of legal affairs, and Zhang Yongsheng, legal adviser, accompanied the group for discussion.

Annual Review: Ten unforgettable moments in 2020 Dongling

The 2020 has passed,there are too many unforgettable moments,let us mouth up,or tears.The white hero of the resistance,the national recognition of the glory of thunderous applause,Chang'e 5 moon earth shock,we cheer for the Chinese nation,we are touched by the deeds of the hero,we cheer for every ordinary individual

Annual inventory: leadership care dongling forge ahead

In 2020,facing the dual impact of the global economic downturn and the new crown epidemic,Dongling Group vigorously promotes modern enterprise management,constantly speeds up industrial technology upgrading,focuses on creating"black"and"non-ferrous"industrial advantages,further strengthens the core competitiveness of the enterprise,and has achieved outstanding development achievements

Annual review: Dongling Group 2020 Development Honor Roll

chain,aggregated advantage resources,insist on return to work and production,promoting technology and industrial upgrading,improve production efficiency,efforts to reduce operating costs,various industry sector achieved good development results,also received the affirmation of all levels of government and industry


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