A tin sheet processing shop has become a 100-billion-yuan enterprise
A poor village has become the first village in the west

We have experienced 42 years of wind and rain
We have striven for progress for 42 years
We start the journey again after these 42 years


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Create a new situation in the cause with the posture of struggle -- Group President Li Lei conveys the spirit of the 13th Congress of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

"What is important now is how to lead the group to a fast lane of high-quality development under the existing system, and at the same time make a contribution and strength to the modernization of the country." After attending the 13th National Congress of the China Federation of industry and Commerce in Beijing, Li Lei, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the group, conveyed the spirit of the conference to the cadres and employees of the group, deeply interpreted the relevant key contents, and shared the grand occasion and experience of the conference.

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