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Dongling Group won the honorary title of "Shaanxi Province's new social class 2020 to fight against the new crown epidemic outstanding contribution unit".



Recently, the United Front Work Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shaanxi Provincial Association of New Social Classes jointly issued the Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives, Outstanding Contributions and Advanced Individuals of New Social Classes in the Province to Fight the New Crown Epidemic in 2020. Dongling Group was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Unit to Fight the New Crown Epidemic in 2020" and Li Lei, Party Secretary and President of the Group, was awarded the "Advanced Individual to Fight the New Crown Epidemic in 2020".



After the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Dongling Group, under the organization and leadership of Party Secretary and President Li Lei, set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control and a commando team of Party members to fully implement the mode of "pull-net investigation and follow-up system for full prevention and control" to ensure full coverage of epidemic prevention and control. While ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, actively organize employees to return to work to ensure safe production and orderly operation of the enterprise, fully implement the "six guarantees" task, increase jobs, ensure employee income, and convey Dongling's social responsibility.



While strengthening the prevention and control of the enterprise, Comrade Li Lei, as the main person in charge of the enterprise, actively assumed social responsibility, took the lead in donating money and materials, organized condolences to the families of medical staff in Baoji and Hubei, and sent condolences, so that the hero had no worries. In the enterprise's own epidemic prevention materials shortage, arrange the deployment of enterprises to the relevant government departments, hospitals, epidemic prevention and control checkpoints and other donations of masks and other epidemic prevention materials, to help Baoji City to win the battle of epidemic prevention and resistance.
It is understood that the new social class association of Baoji City, which is chaired by Li Lei, has also been awarded the "2020 Advanced Collective in Fighting the New Crown Epidemic".