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Dongling Village Party Committee Organized a Symposium on "Celebrating the 101 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party"




On June 25, the Dongling Village Party Committee organized a symposium on "Welcome the 101 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party". At the meeting, the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of Shaanxi Province was learned and a book donation activity was held for party members. Li Lei, secretary of the village party committee and president of the group, Fang Jilin, deputy secretary of the village party committee, Li Haikuo, Liang Baoping, Yuan Rong, Zhao Xiaoqiang, Kang Yinxia and representatives of some party members attended the meeting.



At the meeting, Li Lei first combined with the development of Dongling Group and made an in-depth interpretation of the spirit of the 14th Party Congress in Shaanxi Province. Subsequently, he affirmed the contributions made by the broad masses of party members and villagers to the development of the group, and put forward requirements for doing a good job in the work of the village committee. He said that affected by the epidemic, the downward pressure on the economy has increased, and people's mentality has also undergone major changes. At present, the environment at home and abroad is complex and severe, and the industries we are involved in are facing huge challenges. Whether it is the group or Dongling Village, we must recognize the development situation, clarify development goals, strengthen development confidence, and strive to create a good atmosphere for executives to start businesses; we must fully understand The importance of learning, carry out various forms of publicity activities, and create a strong learning atmosphere. He emphasized that the employment situation of college students is severe and the employment pressure is increasing. The village party committee should advocate a struggle-oriented approach, learn a wolf culture, increase guidance, actively help college students solve employment problems, and encourage young people to be brave at the age of struggle., Change your destiny through your own efforts.

At the same time, we should attach importance to the education and training of the next generation, further improve the educational objectives, improve the education subsidy measures, and provide good guarantee for children's education; we should pay attention to the issue of providing for the aged, advocate eugenics and good education, spread the concept of civilization, and carry forward the new style of the times, so that villagers can feel love and warmth.




Li Lei presented Li Xinbao, Huang Lieai and other party members with "New Journey Face to Face" books and "Contemporary Shaanxi" magazines on the spot, encouraging party members to take the lead in learning, learn and use party building books, and use the party's innovative theories to arm their minds, guide practice, and promote work. Contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a new era and new Dongling.



Fang Jilin led everyone to study the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of Shaanxi Province, and required in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the meeting, improve work measures, innovate work methods, improve work efficiency, and promote the acceleration of various tasks in the village, and help Dongling cause High-quality development.

Liu Jing, the financial representative of the owner of Crowne Plaza Dongling, said in his statement that he will improve the quality and service of the hotel, provide welfare policies for villagers and employees, and continuously enhance everyone's sense of belonging and happiness.

After the symposium, a group party committee meeting was held. In combination with the development of various industrial sectors of the group, the meeting reviewed and approved the list of outstanding party organizations and outstanding party members of the group in 2022 and the commendation decision.