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Learn to be grateful, know how to cherish, Dongling Group organized villagers to hold a moral lecture hall.



Learn to be grateful, know how to cherish, work together for development
On the afternoon of July 18, Dongling Group held a moral lecture hall with the theme of "Learn to be grateful, know how to cherish, and work together for development". Dongling Group (Village) Party Committee Deputy Secretary Fang Jilin, Party Minister Li Haikuo, Dongling Community Deputy Secretary Kang Yinxia and more than 150 villagers' representatives participated in the study.
At the meeting, Li Haikuo, Minister of the Party and Mass Department, led everyone to learn the spirit of the speech made by Li Heiji, First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, at the July 1 commendation meeting and the morning meeting on July 13. Through videos, pictures and other forms, he led the villagers to feel the development and changes of Dongling Village in the past 40 years and reviewed the Party building activities carried out by the Party Committee of the Group in July, he also explained the importance of the platform for everyone, guided the villagers to understand the unknown hard work and hard work of leading cadres, cherish the hard-won happy life, further understand the market situation, strengthen confidence in development, and fully support Dongling's children to start their own businesses. Make a positive contribution to building a "century-old Dongling.
At the meeting, we also watched the feature film "our cattle are 100 years old", leading the villagers to relive the great changes in China's rural life. The film tells the story of Niu Baisi, a member of the Communist Party, who led the members to work together to shake off poverty and become rich in the implementation of the production contract responsibility system in rural areas, which deeply touched the villagers.
After the study, everyone said that in the face of the severe market situation, we must further improve our ideological understanding, not forget our original aspirations, be grateful, cherish today's happy life, promote family harmony and stability, and make due contributions to the development of Dongling.
DLLi Tianbao:
The days are better now, but we must not forget the bitter days of the past, and we must double cherish today's happy life. I would like to share with you a few poems I wrote here:
the leadership of the party is really wise,
We also receive a pension;
To the age not to work,
At the end of the year, the heart is happy;
Don't worry about buying whatever you want,
New clothes, new pants, new wear;
follow the progress of reform,
Dongling will be more brilliant tomorrow!
yang cairong:
I remember when I held a villagers' meeting, everyone was grateful for the hard-won prosperous days. I was deeply touched, so I decided to use my haircut technology to cut the hair of the elderly in the village for free. The 16th of each month is my busiest time, but it is also my happiest day. No matter at any time, as long as everyone needs it, I will continue to insist on haircutting for everyone and contribute to the development of the enterprise.
huang jianying:
We can't say enough about the good people and good deeds in Dongling. As a villager in Dongling, I feel very happy. Dongling people can have today's good life, is the party's policy is good. Thank you for the good policies of the party and the hard work of the group leaders!
Jing Qiulian:
With the development of Dongling Group, our days are getting better and better. I feel very happy. As a villager in Dongling and a cleaner in Dongling new era community, I will base myself on my post, fulfill my duty and contribute to the development of the group.